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What it is
Harmix brings you the mighty power of AI to instantly find the most relevant and inspiring music for your personal and professional needs.

Find rare and trending, local and timeless, royalty free and priceless - the right music to support your mood, idea, or purpose.

Discover and explore the entire music legacy with ease


When you upload a video
Harmix analyzes almost
500 parameters to find the most relevant music match for it.
How it works

Refine your search using the
Harmix bot or advanced music parameters

Lyrics search feature helps you find the perfect songs to match your creative ideas

Harmix benefits

Why using Harmix?

Time saving
Find the perfect music match in seconds

Limitless selection
Get a wider range of music choices than a human can access

Get the perfect match

Find music that matches the mood, idea or purpose

Creative liberty
Have a greater creative freedom to experiment with different types of music, genres, and styles

Find outstanding music for films, games, ads, blogs, podcasts, dj sets, events and personal stories.

Produce better quality
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